Organ Acusticum

This is an instrument for the 21st century. Resulting from the combination of tradition, artistry and innovative technology, the organ works as a tool for the music of the future and for research, for instance on musical interpretation.

Thanks to scientific and artistic experience, we have today an instrument that has never before existed and never before been heard. It is a place where yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s music meet, making innovative creation and performance possible.

The School of Music in Piteå has a solid reputation for successful and high-quality education of organists. Organ Acusticum enables us to strengthen this reputation and continue to create significant value for our professional teaching and research staff.

Please find more photos, organ specifications, information about our partners, etc., at Orgel Acusticum.

Through the Digital Live Arena, the organ at Studio Acusticum can reach a global audience. You can experience some of our previous concerts via

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